Story Supervising _ YunJeong Hong

2015  Say My Name(Scenario) - Story Supervisor

2015  Without a Trace(Scenario) - Synopsis, Story Supervisor

2014  Better than tomorrow (Film)*- Story Supervisor



After years in cryogenic stasis, Norman is brought back to life in an enigmatic rehabilitation facility and reunites with his wife who had entered cryostasis with him.

*Offical selection at RIIFF/Flickers' Roving Eye International Film Festival, USA, 2016

*Won Best Student Short Film at London Short Film Festival, 2016, London, UK 

*Official selection for Atlanta Film Festival, 2016, USA

*Official selection for East End Film Festival, 2015, London, UK 

*Official selection for Greenhorn Short Film Festival, 2015, London, UK *Official selection for Kerry Film Festival, 2015, Kerry, Ireland

*Official selection for XPONORTH Festival, 2015, Scotland, UK 

*Official selection for Sci-Fi London Film Festival, 2015, London, UK 

*Official selection for the International competition, at Cellu L’art Short Film Festival, Jena, Germany


Co-curating & Mentoring graduate student- Maryland Institute College of Art, Curatorial Practice - YunJeong Hong


Project 837 is an art project designed to start a conversation about definitions of home and homelessness. “Home” conjures up diverse emotions, feelings, and concepts, which are rooted in a person’s identity. More specifically, Project 837 seeks to challenge definitions of homelessness while also raising awareness about some of the realities of Baltimore’s homeless population. The number 837 refers to the square footage that would be available to individuals in Baltimore if all of the vacant housing were transformed into housing for the homeless. Partners in this exhibition include Project PLASE, which provides essential housing and support services to homeless citizens, and VisArts in Rockville, MD. This project involves artists, researchers and individuals who are interested in home and homeless issues.

This exhibition will be presented in two phases. The first phase commences on March 17th at Project PLASE. This venue is atypical for an exhibition; it will be spread over two floors of an old school building. Then the second phase begins October 14th at VisArts in Rockville; the major focus will be on workshops targeted at the local population. Project 837 will have on-going workshop programs and a lecture series with partner institutions from December 2014 until the end of the second exhibition.

ABOUT “837”

This project came from the question of why 16,000 vacant buildings with an average of 214 m2 area cannot house 4088 homeless people in Baltimore City.  If we divide the total area of all the vacant buildings in Baltimore City by the number of homeless people found therein, we get the potential space (837m2 or 9009 square feet) for one homeless person to live in. We would then give this symbolic number to artists to interpret as they see fit.


DATE:  MARCH 17-APRIL 25.2015  

RECEPTION : March 19. 2015  

LOCATION : MAIN OFFICE building Project PLASE, Inc. Inc.3549-3601  Old Frederick Ave. Baltimore, MD 21229 



RECEPTION: Oct. 30. 2015  LOCATION Kaplan Gallery Visarts at Rockville 155 Gibbs Street, Rockville, MD 20850

PROJECT 837 Symposium

DATE: November 14  LOCATION Kaplan Gallery Visarts at Rockville 155 Gibbs Street, Rockville, MD 20850