Halidome series 홍윤정

 Ring 1, 2007

Resin, sterling silver, flesh of tuna bitten by ants

 Ring 22007

Resin, sterling silver, body of fish bitten by ants

Gold fish; Artist killed, ants carved him, 2007

Betafish, gold leaf

 Coconut tomb

Coconut powder, crucifix 

 Parts of open studio

Resin, fish, found objects collection

Holly cow

Hamburger patty bitten by ants, resin casting, gold leaf

                                                                                              Part of installation at Champaign County Historical Museum, 2009 

                                                                                         Part of installation at Champaign County Historical Museum, 2009 

Fin de siècle

Pacific saury, gold leaf, flower, 2007