Guppy Breeding: Being Orchid, 2007


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Fragmentary Thoughts on Drawing

By Yunjeong Hong

From the field of emptiness to the sphere of imagination - At one point,  movement occurs in a vector field.  

Form and structure detach from matter. An elaborate, private hideaway opens, floating in a sphere of differing condition. The more we walk, the wider a study is. A closed, and simultaneously open net; a fishbowl echoing its inside, outside; a water surface glittering at each corner; a shade cast by a tropical fish: looking at there I feel I have evolved with them ever billions of years. Evolved and then, when all changes, including form and scale, I contain them all in a new system.

Let our hands chronicle the moment when boundaries between things flying, running, and talking, are blurred. 

Witch’s book: Encyclopédie méthodique ou par ordre de matières, 2004     

Tribute to the death of painting 2002 - Drawing performance

Drawing performance, drawing by ink dripping automatic toy car with violin performance. Seoul, South Korea, 2002 

Installation as a drawing

Tarot card reading performance

Time Between Dog and Wolf

Artist read a fortune by tarot card for visitors who come up to the stage to talk with artist during 2 weeks. Installed objects are possessions from visitors. The object considered as the exchange with card reading and located on the floor as a part of installation. About 230 people come and keep their possession as a part of art installation after talking with artist during the show. 

reflection-reflecta II

Site-specific/mind-mapping project in CeRCCa 

Installation on one of the streets in Llorenc del Penedes, Spain

Gutter opens a connection between a private and a public space. In this work, I have projected a private space into a public space by mirroring the gutter image.

Site-specific/mind-mapping project in CeRCCa 

Curating as a drawing

Nomadic Fantasia 

Indra's net                    

"...In contrast to the curatorial role, the artist's in Indra's Net suggest a more interesting journey, one of "netting" between the projects. In this framework I consider myself to be the guest or tracker who is invited to the artist's project to add rhythm, noise, or texture. The title, Indra's Net, is after the mythological character Indra of the Buddhist story (the origin of the character came from Hindu), who uses a net as one of his signature tools. The net is considered a symbol of interconnectedness, and at every vertex there is a jewel and the jewels reflect images of each other. In Korean this net is called jae-mang, and people use this word to describe the unlimited and timeless relationship of everything in the world as denoted by the structure of the net and the reflections of the jewels. I chose this title because I wanted to be a "vertex" connecting these artists that have different relationships with history and with myself. I have been watching their projects and am fascinated by their ideas and attitudes, and by how I reflect myself in their works in order to understand my own interest in the work."

     -from 'About Curating'

 Yun Jeong Hong  09/05/2011

Sculptures as drawing

Shedding light on the tension underpinning internal and external drives, my artistic praxis has recently consisted of fabricating objects that demonstrate the gesture of becoming. Made from wood, books, and resin, Untitled;Anti-Oedipus (2010) represents a floor that extends organically, conveying the will of the splintered materials.  As these fragments proliferate and collide with one another, their evolving configuration imparts the desire to become a floor, as well as the divergent motion of escaping. The topographical surface of this work mirrors the structure of narrative without a known: analogous to an autonomous machine, it produces a plot without a protagonist. 

2010, Yunjeong Hong

review & writing about  

Guppy Breeding: Being Orchid at SOMA Museum