Working title: A Oysters bowl for five Judges of Illinois

"...The afternoon was spent in preparing a fine supper for some of the Judges. Seven were invited, and five accepted, and I can assure you, some of them seemed to enjoy the stewed, scalloped, fried and raw oysters, and Quails amazingly. Judge Breeze one might think (who saw him) felt that he was at a public house – called Mary – to “take his plate – bring him some raw oysters &c”. I was glad to see them eat so heartily, and was quite diverted at the manner of Judge B. They remained all the evening here, and a very merry company, they proved to be. "

Helen Dodge Edwards to Helen Edwards Condell, January 13, 1868

The Ghost; Still life

Ceramic object, copper plated tray, silver plated tray

Installation, 2019

Morality, Ceramic, 2019

<anima-animus-persona>, Part of installation, 2018

Head study, Ceramic, 2018

Planter of Bacchus , Ceramic, 2019

Drawing series – Loving bowl 2 (You are busy) 

Ceramic, 2019

Drawing series – Loving bowl 1 (I love you so much) 

Ceramic, 2019


Thinking bowl, Bisque chair, ceramic bowl, installation, 2019

 Untitled, ceramic, 2018 


Functional objects, ceramic, 2019

reflection reflecta 1  clay, painted by oil painting materials, 2007