University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL. 2007-2010

MFA, Painting.

Thesis title: “Being-body as incorporeal tracing and enfolding-mind by tactile sight” Committee members: Melissa Pokorny, Timothy Van Laar, Conrad Bakker, Ryan Griffis. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (December 5, 2011) 

Seoul Women’s University, Seoul, South Korea.

BFA, in Painting, Summa Cum Laude with distinction in the major. 2001-2005

Awards and Grants

2013  The Fleur and Charles Bresler Residency, VisArts, Rockville, MD.

2010  ONE: The Manifest. First prizewinner. Cincinnati, OH.

2010  Honorable Mentions, Anniversary show, Water Street Studios, Batavia, IL.

2010  Creative and Performing Arts Fellowship, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL.

2010  Helen E Platt Blake MFA Materials Grant, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL.

2007  SOMA Drawing Center Archive. Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea 

2005  Top Honor student in Painting, Seoul Women’s University, Seoul, South Korea.

2001 - 2004  Barom 2 Scholarship, Seoul Women’s University, Seoul, South Korea 


Being-Body as Incorporeal Tracing and Enfolding-Mind by Tactile Sight: Art Work, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2011

Solo Exhibitions




 Painterly object, Bindery Artist Studios, Lafayette, IN. USA

Anima-Animus-Persona, Gallery 336B, Illinois Central Collage, Peoria, IL. USA

ONE: The Manifest, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH.USA


 Preserving death and shapes of living things- for 1793; to celebrate the birth of museum and the head of the king: Fictional collection exhibition in conjunction with the Champaign County Historical Museum, Champaign, IL.USA


A solo show in 16 parts, Link Gallery, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL.USA


Group Exhibitions

2019 fictions and frictions : The Power and Politics of Narrative, Hood ClassroomKrannet Art Center, IL 

2016 Homegrown, Concourse Gallery, Visarts, Rockville, MD

2015 Drawing exhibition, SOMA Drawing Center, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea

2015 Visarts Faculty show, Concourse Gallery, Visarts, Rockville, MD




PLAYTIME, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, South Korea, Curated by Sungwon Kim  

Erde-eARTh, Stadttorgalerie, Voitsberg, Austria

Mouthing(the Sentient Limb), Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL, USA, Curated by Kelly Kaczynski


SANT JORDI, Les quintanes espai d’art, Llorenc del Penedes, Tarragona, Spain


Annual Small Works Invitational, Arts West Gallery, Elon University, Elon, NC. USA


Anniversary show, Water Street Studios, Batavia, IL. USA 


32nd JoongAng Fine Arts Prize, Hangaram Art Museum at the Seoul Art Center, Seoul, South Korea


MFA Exhibition; Krannert Art Museum, Champaign, IL. USA


Emerging Illinois Artists, curated by Laura Fried, Mclean Arts Center, Bloomington, IL. USA


New Insight,curated by Susanne Ghez, NEXT Art Fair, Art Chicago, Chicago, IL. USA


3D, Link Gallery, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL. USA


Into Drawing 2, SOMA Drawing Center, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea


BFA Exhibition, Barom Gallery, Seoul Women’s University, Seoul, South Korea

Curatorial Project

2015 What is Home? Symposium-Project 837, Visarts, Rockville, MD. USA

2015 Project 837: Home and homelessness, Part2, Visarts, Rockville, MD. USA

2015 Project 837: Home and homelessness, Part1, Project PLASE, Baltimore, MD. USA

2011 Nomadic Fantasia first exhibition-Indra’s netIndi go art gallery, Champaign, IL. USA 

Artist Residency




 Enos park residency, Springfield Art Association, Springfield, IL 

 The Fleur and Charles Bresler Residency at VisArts, August 21 to October 16, Rockville, MD

 Artist Residency in CeRCCa, Center for Research and Creativity Casamarles, Llorenc del Penedes, Tarragona, Spain

Projects and related activities

2020 Voice of Silence (film) Crime/Drama, 1h 39m, South Korea - Story supervisor

2018 On going research about Edwards family and their house, Enos park residency, Springfield, IL

2016 The Treasure(book), Illustrator

2015  Say My Name (Scenario) - Story Supervisor

2015  Voice of Silence (Scenario) - Synopsis, Story Supervisor

2015  Project PLASE Art Club workshop member, Project PLASE, Baltimore, MD

2014  Better than tomorrow (Film)*- Story Supervisor

2014  Graduate Student Mentoring: Yeim Bea, Curatorial Practice Graduate Student in MICA,

          Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

2014  Artist Advisory Council Visarts 2014, Visarts, Rockville, MD







Time Between Dog and Wolf, Tarot card reading performance and installation, 

Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, South Korea

Oedipus; sentience scape I, Performance directing, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, South Korea                           

1.Kunstlersymposium Voitsberg 2012, Art Symposium Voitsberg, Voitsberg, Austria 

Assistant of artist Myung-Seop Hong, Rondo residency, Graz, Austria

Internship, Assistant of artist Stephen Cartwright, Champaign, IL, USA

Exquisite corpse, painting performance, FUZE, NEXT Art Fair, Art Chicago, Chicago, IL. USA


 Excavation romantica: “selling coffee lid casted by plaster” performance at the Urbana Business Association Second Saturday, Urbana, IL, USA


 Guppy Breeding: Being Orchid: fish breeding documentation project. Suji, South Korea


 Witch’s book: Encyclopédie méthodique ou par ordre de matières: Excavation and restauration fictional history project. Tracing the origin of imaginary book at the Piana library, Cesena, Italy


 Witch’s book: Encyclopédie méthodique ou par ordre de matières: Excavation and restoration fictional history project. Excavating imaginary book, Seoul, South Korea


 Oilism: Excavation and restoration. Fictional history project. A participatory paper, food and video installation, based on an imaginary article about the generation of imaginary group of people in the future. Seoul, South Korea


 Kindergarten Project: how does space create social action? Social space study, Y.Hong, K.Kim, Sang Il-Dong, Gang Dong-Gu. Seoul, South Korea


 Tribute to the death of painting: drawing performance, drawing by ink dripping automatic toy car with violin performance. Seoul, South Korea

Teaching Experience

Teaching Children's Comic 101, 102 Visarts, Rockville, MD 2015

Teaching Children's Painting 101, 102 Visarts, Rockville, MD 2015

Teaching basic drawing, ‘how to see,VisArts, Rockville, MD 2015

Teaching Cocktail & Canvas Visarts, Rockville, MD 2015

Mentoring Graduate student : Maryland Institute College of Art, Curatorial Practice, MD. 2014-2015 

Class assistant: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL. 2010, Graduate Assistant of Professor Stephen Cartwright for sculpture 1 and sculpture 2

• Advised and mentored about 20 students from different majors (design, computer, architecture, painting, and craft) to perform critical thinking in art, understand the character of materials, engage with the process of creating art, achieve problem-solving skills, and learn self-leading research in art

• Designed final assignment about Site-specificity, gave a lecture and led critique. • Graded based on each students’ individual performance and achievement 


visiting Lecture

Visiting artist lecture, Industrial design, Chungnam National University, Deajeon, South Korea, 2019

Visiting artist studio critique, 2 days of studio critique for the undergraduate and graduate in Painting program, Mokwon University, Daejeon, South Korea, 2019

Curator lecture, VisArts, lecture co-designed by Montgomery College and VisArts center, Rockville, MD, Dec.2, 2015

Graduated Studio Critiques and Artist Lecture, The Rinehart School of Sculpture, Maryland Institute college of Art, Baltimore, MD, Oct. 07, 2013 

Visiting artist lecture, Mokwon University, Daejeon, South Korea 2012 


“difference et repetition” III - life, death, destiny, lectured by Lee, Jungwoo, 2013

“difference et repetition” IV - What is multiplicity?, lectured by Lee, Jungwoo, 2013

“difference et repetition” V - Deleuze and biophilosophy, lectured by Lee, Jungwoo, 2013

*artnstudy ( Online education center of art and philosophy in Korea


2014 “작품 속으로 들어간 관객(Audience walking into art work)”, Heungmizine60, 

         Hong, Kyoung-Han, April, pp4-9, South Korea

2014 “CeRCCa 2009-2014,” Oct. pp61-65, Spain

2013 “관계의 미학과 관객 참여의 실상(Relational Aesthetics and reality of spectator participation)” 

          Koh, Dong-Yeon, Wolganmisool, Feb. pp140-145 South Korea

2012 “골라 보는 즐거움, PLAYTIME, (enjoyment based on one's choice, PLAYTIME)” 

         The Government Broadcasting Service KTV, 22 Nov. South Korea

2012 “ ‘여기’에서같이노는/시간(Here, Together, Play, Time) Ku, Nayeon, Article, 

         a journal of contemporary art, 12 Nov. South Korea

2011 “One Singular Citation” Jane Durrell, Citybeat, 24 Jan. USA



Artist statement

Body, mind, time, space, life, and their relation are the concepts that I have kept close to myself during my studio practices.

My interest in the lives of objects manifested in a piece “preserving death and the shapes of living things - for 1793; to celebrate the birth of museum and the head of the king (2009),” at the Champaign County Historical Museum. In this work, I exhibited “Wilson collection,” a fabricated object collection with self-made identity as an Anglo-Saxon middle age man, with a backdrop of an actual historical museum collection. This collection includes Victorian-style moss terrariums; a dead fish collection in resin; skins of animals; holed hamburger patties coated with resin after having been eaten by ants; and animal porcelain collections referencing ancient Chinese taxonomy in the fiction of Borges as discussed by Foucault. This exhibition framed the primary subjects of my artworks: archaeology and taxonomy, history and fiction, gazing and being gazed at, positioning and gesture, and the life and death of things.

Following this research project and exhibition, my interest shifted towards studying the desire of creation. I began to make sculptures that embody a gesture of becoming. Made from wood scraps and resembling a staircase, my first sculpture in this series was “Episteme (2009),” I then created “Anti-Oedipus (2010),” a floor piece made from wood fragments and shredded books. As these fragments proliferate and collide with one another, their evolving configurations impart the desire to become a floor, a plat, a map, a gesture, and a record. During these practices, I considered the sculpture as a singular narrative that conveys the desire to be something. These works exist between the tensions of internal narratives (becoming/making the/a staircase) unfolding outward outside, and an external frame (the surface of the staircase) that holds the desire back into its body.

After these series of studio experiments, I was determined to know how other artists incorporate and deal with the body-mind relation via their art making methodologies. My curatorial project, “Nomadic Fantasia-Indra’s net (2011)” was about this question. I organized an exhibition and interviewed artists who are using their body as a site, studying bodily experiences as a subject matter, and exploring mind-specificity during studio practices.

While refining my art making desires, I planned two performances in 2012. In the first work, the “Oedipus; sentience scape I,” I combined site-specificity and performance by directing a dancer’s moves to enact a written script based on the story of Oedipus and relating it to the architectural elements (e.g. wall, floor) of the performance site, an old station building. In the second work, the “Time Between Dog and Wolf,” I combined a performance and installation by tarot card reading for visitors who come up to the set-up stage. By becoming a fortuneteller, I let other people be my work. After talking about personal issues, visitors donated their possessions as part of the installation and as a trace of their existence and interaction. More then 230 people participated in this project and voluntarily became the work themselves. For two weeks, I experienced how an artwork is created by connections and how a life is framed by the mind. By letting visitors listen to my advice and letting them keep their possessions on the floor, I intervened in their lives by my words.

Recently, my interest in creation is not only making, but also curating artworks. I have started a collaborative curatorial project “project 837: Home and homelessness” in 2014 with the interest of understanding a home as a minimum unit of life. During this project, I am exploring the way that collective information and experience from one’s surrounding environment converges into their identity. 

홍윤정 웹사이트 이력 

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Consulting Artist & Creator

Yun Jeong Hong ( Born in South Korea) received her BFA from Seoul Women's University (2005) and MFA from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (2010). Her works involve writing, drawing, sculpture, installation, video and performance. To perceive how historical contexts are constructed through narration, she focused on writings with layers of recursive citations during her BFA. During her graduate studies, Yun Jeong explored life of objects in institutional spaces such as museum by placing fake collections among real ones. As her long-standing interest in relation between mind and body, Yun Jeong directed a performance in 2012 to investigate the flow of mind by spoken language and body movement.

In the last couple of years, Yun Jeongs’ works have been shown internationally and nationally included in exhibitions PLAYTIME, curated by Sung won Kim in 2012, at Culture Station Seoul 284 in Seoul, South Korea, Mouthing (the Sentient Limb), curated by Kelly Kaczynski in Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, 2011, 32nd JoongAng Fine Arts, Hangaram Art Museum at the Seoul Art Center (2010, Seoul, South Korea), NEW INSIGHT (2010) at Art Chicago, the International Fair of Contemporary and Modern Art, curated by Susanne Ghez, Into drawing2 of SOMA drawing center at the Seoul Olympic Museum of Art (2007, Seoul, South Korea). In 2010, her sculpture was awarded the first prize of ONE: The Manifest, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati.

Apart from her studio practice, Yun Jeong curated an exhibition “Nomadic Fantasia-Indra's net (2011)” in Champaign, Illinois, with artists working on body and mind tracking as their research. In addition, she participated in International Artist symposium in Voitsberg in Austria (2012) and Artist Residency of Center for Research and Creativity Casamarles (2011) in Llorenc del Penedes, Tarragona in Spain. 

From 2014 to 2016, Yun Jeong had served to the art community of DC area as a member of Artist Advisory Council in Visarts, Rockville, MD. During 2015, Yun Jeong supervised a Graduate student of Curatorial Practice in MICA (Maryland Institute Collage of art) and designed two exhibitions and symposium related with homelessness in Baltimore and Rockville.

Yun Jeong moved in West Lafayette, Indiana at 2017 and continues her working, studying, writing, curating and consulting as an independent artist. She is proceeding couple of projects about heterotopias space such as how to reshape hidden figures and victorian artifacts related to Edwards place, Springfield as an art form from the time that she became a residency artist in enos park residency, Springfield, IL

She is also collaborating with artist Paul shortt for printing and artist hansaem choe for understanding heterotopias space created by spoken language.

*Voice of Silence 

*Scenario selected as one of top 12 projects at Venice Biennale College-Cinema 2016/2017

*Shortlisted for Sundance Screenwriters Lab January 2016 (working title 'Without A Trace') 

*Better than tomorrow 

*Best Student Short Film at London Short Film Festival, 2016, London, UK 

*Offical selection at RIIFF/Flickers' Roving Eye International Film Festival, USA, 2016

*Official selection for Atlanta Film Festival, 2016, USA

*Official selection for East End Film Festival, 2015, London, UK 

*Official selection for Greenhorn Short Film Festival, 2015, London, UK

*Official selection for Kerry Film Festival, 2015, Kerry, Ireland

*Official selection for XPONORTH Festival, 2015, Scotland, UK 

*Official selection for Sci-Fi London Film Festival, 2015, London, UK 

*Official selection for the International competition, at Cellu L’art Short Film Festival, Jena, Germany