On-going project

Portrait Series -Animal, Animality, Animagus

Queen of ribbons ; Madam Geoffrin

36 x 40
Oil on Canvas, 2016

Ace of Wands; Diana with her wolf 

Oil on Canvas, 2017

Page of Cups; Bacchus

Oil on Canvas, 2017

Image from Exhibition, <anima-animus-persona> 


 Oct. 15 to Nov.9. 2018 in Gallery 336B of the ICC Academic Building
Opening Reception & Artist Talk 
October 15 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
I have been interested in how identity is formed by many layers. some are perceived by society and some come from the one's collective experiences. In this series of work, I focus on the complexity of female identities. The stigma surrounding female sexuality by society has affected women's identities for long time. As the result, there is an external personality commonly known as female attitude, or female persona.
Most women in my paintings wear Mask, and it means that they truly understanding what is their persona what is expected by the others. sometimes it can be a shield, sometimes a spear.
Generally, multi layered stories from this female persona are often ignored and simplified, such as emphasized a weakness of the victim, mother's endless maternal love, a virgin's pureness. It is interesting to me that female stories considered not having powerful energy as any man's narrative had, even though women have been known as much more complex in man dominated society. As a result, I was interested in imagining the hidden story of women, which may not necessarily be coherence and unified, since their narrative has a power from a reaching singularity by a conflict of many different desires.
When a powerless girl get hurt in movies, fictions, and many other stories which have been exist human history, this event has been used as a device for a moment of revealing a hero. However, it had been overlooked that this moment also was for the girl to be empowered and redefining 'womanness'. In my series of work, I wanted to portrait one's multi-layered emotions and narratives by posing with many symbols and supporting by references from historical paintings.