EuiJeong Hong

소리도 없이/VOICE OF SILENCE (장편/Feature Film - 준비중 in development) 

*Selected as one of top 12 projects at Venice Biennale College-Cinema 2016/2017

*Shortlisted for Sundance Screenwriters Lab January 2016 (working title 'Without A Trace')


                                                                         2015, 15min, ARRI Alexa 


After years in cryogenic stasis, Norman is brought back to life in an enigmatic rehabilitation facility and reunites with his wife who had entered cryostasis with him.


*Won Best Student Short Film at London Short Film Festival, 2016, London, UK 

*Offical selection at RIIFF/Flickers' Roving Eye International Film Festival, USA, 2016

*Official selection for Atlanta Film Festival, 2016, USA

*Official selection for East End Film Festival, 2015, London, UK 

*Official selection for Greenhorn Short Film Festival, 2015, London, UK

*Official selection for Kerry Film Festival, 2015, Kerry, Ireland

*Official selection for XPONORTH Festival, 2015, Scotland, UK 

*Official selection for Sci-Fi London Film Festival, 2015, London, UK 

*Official selection for the International competition, at Cellu L’art Short Film Festival, Jena, Germany

It’s Rising Again  (Music Video) 

                                                                                                                                      2013, 4min 40sec, Canon 5D      

Music video for The Flaming Lips, a competition. 

*Selected as a finalist

K . F. D. H (Short Film) 

                                                                                                                                 2010, 10min, 35mm B/W film


Ben, a homeless guy, walked in Henry’s house to find his cat that disappeared into. In the house, Ben found foods and warmth that he could not find on the street where he had been sleeping. After having some nibbles, he accidentally fell asleep and when Henry came back Ben hid himself under the bed. 

Henry is not aware of Ben’s existence. Even though Ben had a chance to escape the room when Henry was in the toilet he decided to stay in allured by foods and radiator. This place was a sanctuary for Ben. They spend a day and half together when Henry is eating, Ben is also eating and when Henry's writing, Ben is taking nap under his bed. When Henry’s mother who always interferes his life visited with an arrangement of a publisher for her son. 

A strange timing of her visit made all different kinds of misunderstanding in their mind. Three of them confront each other in a peculiar manner.